The Watchmen

by Meghan Bowman

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released April 29, 2016

Produced by Darryl Kissick and Meghan Bowman
Mixed by Ryan Andersen
Mastered by João Carvalho
Drums played by Avery Kissick
Album Photography by Chelsee Mae Photography
Album Design by Harbinger Creative Supply



all rights reserved


Meghan Bowman Saskatchewan

music is universal. pain seems to be as well. i live my life believing that healing can be a universal thing too. we are all capable of that.

i'm currently studying music therapy but still enjoy writing, recording and playing shows. my album "I Don't Want Your Roses" is up on Itunes! Or you can get a physical copy via

thanks for listening!
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Track Name: 99 cents
Have you ever wondered why a girl can't sell a record unless she's selling a little 'somethin somethin' on the side? I close my eyes for I am not entitles to see those thighs. I'm not trying to complain - just calling it out. The truth is I would sing even if no one listened. Close your eyes, let your ears do the seeing sometimes.

He said, 'listen little girl, you sing real sweet but you don't know a thing about chasing dreams'. So I took the microphone and I threw it in his drink and I said, 'listen little man - you don't know a thing about me. My heart breaks enough on it's own. So I'm gonna write you a melody and talk about your broken microphone. I feel sorry for you, I'm the one who is free'. He said, 'you're a foolish girl. You're a stupid girl.' I said, 'maybe that's true but I'm still in one piece'.
Track Name: Love Is A Lesson
I won't make you promises that I can't keep.
But I promise to be honest when I'm weak.

I remember the day your heart turned cold.
O Love is not a fairy tale I know.
Love is a lesson and it has taught me well.

What if I can't stop crying?
What if I blame you for all the things that happened?


Told me it was simple - said nobody could handle such a broken girl. So I became the vessel but time don't erase what's eternal.

I remember the day my heart turned cold. Love is not a fairy tale I know. Love is a lesson and it has taught me well.
Track Name: Will I Ever Get Around You?
I keep seeing pictures of you.
I keep counting victims who aren't you.

And all you do is break me down.
I think you see to the end of me when I don't make a sound.

I keep counting faces, they make me promises to be true. They wouldn't do the things that some do.

And why do you look so guilty? I don't blame you.
Why do you look so angry? I'm so sick of being made at you.

Will I ever get around you?
Will I ever want to?
Track Name: The Watchmen
Do you know I was five the very first time?
Seventeen taught me promises are just pretty.
O God, did you watch?
Did you see it?
Did you think I was strong enough?
Your love is fearless but I'm afraid.
Your love is perfect but I'm ashamed.
Did I deserve this?
Was I deserted?
Tell me about your children - will they feel free when I tell them what the watchmen have done to me?
Track Name: All The Pretty Little Things
All the pretty little things don't mean a thing
I don't want your money and I don't care what they think
Do you ever wonder why I'm so hard to keep?
You were mine and your words were kind and I questioned such a beautiful thing

You had the kindest eyes and I'm the wreckage time and time again
Will you find me like this - among the ruins?

I know you think your the one who is shattered
pick up the pieces - we'll be the most beautiful disaster
I'll be your light and you'll keep me warm
You're in the darkness but I'm in the war
You're in the darkness but I'm at war


My skin don't understand it but the bruises cut deepest
I thought it was you who broke it but you were just trying to see what he did
Track Name: O My Heart
O my heart can take a beating
It's a bloody war an empty feeling
O heart don't you dare back down
In this cruel world this cruel town

I'm gonna feel it all and let you see even the broken pieces

Filling up on things that make you numb
Backing down, giving up
Don't be a coward
That's not who I love
Your barely breathing but it's enough

You're gonna win, you're gonna win this war

Don't let them tell you it's weak
You're the strongest man I've ever seen
And I can't fight this on my own
You're the only one who sees beauty in my broken song

O my heart can take a beating
We've both done things that need explaining
And don't you dare think it's over
Before I die,

You're gonna win this war
Track Name: Brother
I might get burned but I just can't leave you here.

O the fire swallows you whole and no one's around to watch you go.
I'm not afraid of the dark, it knows my name. So I'm gonna watch you walk out of these flames.

This is not the end my brother.
We'll find a way out or we'll take shelter.


What makes a man?
Not the money in his pocket or the blood in his hands.
What makes a man?
Not the guilt in his pocket or the gold in his hands.

I've watched you fall but this is not the end.
I've watched you fall but you will rise again.
Track Name: Can You Hear Me?
Can you hear me? O my God.
If this doesn't kill me will it make me strong?

I wish you knew what he did.
I wish you too could carry this.

Today don't feel like a song that I want to sing.
I won't carry on. Are you listening?

I never thought I'd know this.
O assault rips through my skin like a season.

Today don't feel like a song that I want to sing.
I won't carry on. Are you listening?
Track Name: I Can't Get Clean
Every bit of skin is covered in his greed.
Every single day, I try and wash away a piece.
Take me to the wretched place
I'd rather be honest than hide my face.
Take me to the barren ground
In poverty, my riches resound

Ever vein floods with disdain
and I can't get clean
Take me to humility
O I can't get free
I can't get clean

Do you know his name?
Do you know why he thought I was fair game?
Do you know what he did?
Do you know what the worst thing is?
If I tell you - you'll look at me different, or you'll forget, because let's be honest, nobody stopped him.
Track Name: Excuse Me While I Collect Myself
What if I don't make it out tonight?
What if I don't make it out alive?
What if I get a little too emotional sometimes?
That's just what they say to make girls feel real small and keep 'em quiet.

I'm gonna cry heart open wide.
I'm gonna sing with a tear in my eye.

What if you get a little too emotional sometimes?
We all know real men don't cry.
What if you get a little too emotional tonight?
We all know real men don't even have tear ducts, am I right?

Let me tell you a story
How a stranger put his hands upon me in the back of a bus and not a soul spoke up.

Someday I'm gonna tell a real man and he'll get real mad and he'll cry for me. How I long to see that.

Excuse me while I collect myself - I've seen hell with open eyes.
Somebody cry for my brother, he walks through the fire and he's half alive.
O somebody cry for my sister, you don't about her father, what he did but you've got names to call her. Somebody stand, wave your bloody hands and surrender. Somebody stand and stop this man.