I Don't Want Your Roses

by Meghan Bowman

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and I watched her leave you can't bend what's already broken o marry me we'll be a choir of fools singing and I watched her dream you can't save what's already hopeless o rescue me cuz I'm caught in between forgiveness chorus: why did I give you all the credit why did I believe that you were redemption before I even met you I was this way before I even met you I was ashamed before I even met you I was in all the wrong places o wedding rings girls in white dresses you couldn't love me with the kind of love that i needed o rosemarry i don't want to know your secret you keep him on his toes but it's not love that you're feeling chorus:
Where, where do I run? Now that you've left me with such beautiful words. You have not seen I get weak With such beautiful words. Taken and erased. I tried so hard to forget your face. Tonight I stood by you And whispered words in a crowded room. Chorus: And I'm starting to find my way back to you. When you hold this heart of mine with all these words you choose. I adore you. Now the cold of December breaks my heart like it wants to. And I have had so many lies in the back of my head So tell me the truth. And this jealousy and blame has me convinced it's my mistake darling, So I don't think of you. And I've been traveling for days finding solitude I hate. Darling, so tell me the truth. Chorus:
Satisfy 02:52
I can't decide what to do on the wayside. Chorus: Oh build me a castle by the sea. Oh it never really satisfied the void inside of me. I can't deny the underdog on the sidelines. Chorus: A promise is a promise until the day I break it and I break it in small pieces and left it on the table. A promise is a promise until the day I break it. I break it in small pieces and left it on the floorboards. Chorus:
Come Home 03:41
You've got your suitcase, Your shoes in a line. You sing some old songs and you leave some behind. I never thought I'd see the day when I'd fall on my knees and pray for you to come home. I said "I'd be fine." I guess it was a lie. I have started to hate this old piano cuz it always seems to make me cry. It always gets inside of me. Leave the food on the table if you've got something to say tonight. I can't promise to be brave but I'll close my eyes as you walk away tonight.
So we met met met in the parking lot of the Doctor's office. And he cha cha charmed his way into my heart. And he took took took one look look look. Deep enough, but just above the scars. Chorus: And so I said, "sometimes you're a bore. I think this love is over. I think this is the end." So he got real low and said, "baby, I already know. You've been letting yourself go, and I don't think I like it." So maybe it's merely a chemical to fill me up. But soon you will see that love is not enough. Chorus: Before you go there's something you should know. Before you leave there's something you should see. x2 You don't have a foothold on me. Chorus:
Do what you will for I am stronger. Made of steel in repair. Chorus: How you gonna hold someone with all that money in your palm? Dare to stare, for I am not yours. Don't get me wrong I kiss the ground you tread on. You say, "sometimes she looks like cinderella but then sometimes she looks like barbarella" Shallow is your love. Chorus: For I know what you have come for and my desires are not your own. A man of steady hands and conviction is deserving of my love. Chorus:
Trust In You 03:36
I don't wanna be a casual casualty So I turn to glass so that you won't laugh if by chance you breach through the cracks And I don't wanna be there when it starts if by the end You break my only heart Chorus: Who dared to call you afraid of the fall? You can't love 'em all. And I will trust in you still Trust in you until I don't want this to be so tragic If I stood in the middle of the room holding another would you understand better? Chorus 2: Who dared to call you afraid of the fall? You can't fix 'em all. But I will trust in you still Trust in you until. Blame it on the weather It's never been better And I can't sleep when it's so quiet Even if it costs you I'll leave it all behind
O My Lord 04:33
I don't want to grow old without you by my side. I don't want to give in, I'd rather be alone tonight. I don't want to be so cold when love has led me from the light. I want to be yours but I'd rather be along tonight. O My Lord, he's not coming around anymore. This time I see his body's washed up on the shore. She was 15, ready for the world. She was breaking, cancer in every curl. Eight years and I can't forget her words, She says, "You better fight even when it kills". O My Lord, she's not coming around anymore. x2 This time I see her body's washed up on the shore. You were silent as we walked into the sea. And I cried upon your coat as you carried me. You write freedom upon the grave, restoration upon this heart that he breaks. x2 So close your eyes and wait for a new day to rise, a new horizon. And don't be ashamed child to walk through the blazing fire - I'll carry you to the waters.
It don't feel so bad if you forget just what you had And you don't see just how it's gonna feel in the palm of her hand And watch those days go by with these demons at your side And I don't need excuses I just need you tonight Chorus: I lied and I don't need you like I promised I've seen the ground where he lies and I don't need you like I promised Where's the man I used to know, I used to hold? You're stronger than me and I should have seen that you don't need me like you promised. He said he was sorry for letting himself hold onto me He said he was sorry for letting me believe in his lies 25 years old, the last thing on his mind was the painted lines of the road Chorus: What would it take to make you so cold? Numbered and reckless and beautiful and broke? Chorus:
Leave Softly 03:37
This is the last song, one of many, many more to come. This is the last time I believe. Because your love is a lie. Chorus: So he took my hand as I waited by the stairs He said, "You don't trust me but I ain't going nowhere." So he stole my heart in the latter part of the year And just like a thief he disappeared Cuz it's easier to leave You are a stranger in her arms but the stage lights always win the fight Chorus: So you leave softly in hopes that it might let me be You leave quiet, but it's nothing short of dying
Down an old grid road, lined with sticks and stones "You'll be only mine, girl" says a man with a cross on his arm You'll have a story to tell, lined with sticks from hell Standing on your head, with only emptiness to spend Chorus: If you're only lovely with diamonds, I don't want your loveliness Down a wishing well, you whisper, you scream, you yell All you wanted was a kiss, you got tears and expensive roses Chorus: If you're only lovely with flowers, I don't want you're roses
I swear if you could see Baby if you could notice the ground shaking beneath my feet If you could notice me If I was polite, I could ask for some courtesy Instead I delight myself in his breaking seams How I sit in the midst of apocalyptic things and think it's funny Chorus: Like a song Like a river overfloweth Like a drum, drum, drum I will beat out this disease Like your song that brings me to my knees But love will come, love will come for me So she puts her heart upon the table for no one is good and no one is able x2 Chorus:


released December 9, 2011

produced by David j Taylor plus he added many instruments!
Cal Harle played drums.


all rights reserved



Meghan Bowman Saskatchewan

music is universal. pain seems to be as well. i live my life believing that healing can be a universal thing too. we are all capable of that.

i'm currently studying music therapy but still enjoy writing, recording and playing shows. my album "I Don't Want Your Roses" is up on Itunes! Or you can get a physical copy via meghanbowman@hotmail.com

thanks for listening!
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